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Welcome to FaCTS Group

FaCTS Group is a group of four companies each offering related services/support to the factoring, discounting and asset based finance industry.

In addition FaCTS International offers training and development services to a wide range of blue-chip companies from many industries.

Each group company specialises in supporting one particular aspect of the factoring/discounting and asset finance industry or those who work in it or use its services. This combination of services gives us a totally unique understanding of the needs of the industry and it's people which we address through the four companies.

(Click on any of the company names to look at a specific company's web sites in more detail)

FaCTS International The original group company set up in 1985. FaCTS International is the UK's leading specialist training and development company in factoring/discounting industry. Each year we run literally 100's of training courses both in the UK and overseas.
FaCTS Select FaCTS Select is the recruitment and selection arm of the Group . We offer services to both candidates and the industry at large ensuring a successful match and improved career opportunities.
FaCTS Alchemy FaCTS Alchemy is a specialised brokerage service to companies seeking asset finance as well as support to companies within the industry. "Alchemy the turning of base metals into gold" or in our terms producing 'golden' relationships.
Hidden FaCTS Hidden FaCTS concentrates on Audit and Survey support for the industry - carrying out specialist projects as well as routine work in this vitally important area.
FaCTS Webs FaCTS Webs is our web design business. This business operates across a wide spectrum of business offering a design and maintenance facility to individuals, companies and organisations

The companies in the FaCTS Group are all run personally by Robin and Eileen Peers, both of whom have an extensive and experienced background in the industry.

  • Robin, with a background in operations, sales, training and special projects at senior manager level, first joined the industry in 1974 and now with over 30 years experience is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry today.

  • Eileen, with some 25 years plus industry experience, also has a background in factoring/discounting operations and training.